Friday, June 1, 2007

Feeling small

Do you ever feel like you are so small that life just goes on around you? Well I do. I fell like I need to do more, see more, feel more etc... I know this girl whom I just met, actually I work with her Dad. Anyway, she is travelling through Asia right now. I read her travelers blog and envy her in so many ways. She is free, she is young, she has no commitments, and she is seeing such a beautiful part of the world. How I dream of traveling. I think when my daughter goes off to college that is what I would like to do.
I also feel like because my daughter is getting older and more independent I am little by little becoming more alone. I love my daughter desperately and know she has to sped her wings and fly, but if I could just put her into a glass box and stop time I would. She is the most perfect child anyone could ask for and she is smart and beautiful, it scares me to watch her grow at the same time I am excited to see this wonderful person become who she is suppose to be in her life. Jeesh I don't know why I am all mushy today, but there it is.
On another note; could every person out there pray for me to get my yellow belt tonight. Wow that almost makes me fell guilty asking for a prayer when there are so many more important things to pray about in this world. OK could you put one in for those who really need it too.

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