Sunday, May 27, 2007

Remebering how to cope in scary situation....

OK, Friday night rolls around same old routine right? NO! Stasia and I go to karate like we were suppose to. We got there at our usual time around 5:30pm. Sensei was at the other place where we go after Stasia sempai's at the kids class and I do the other class at the same time. So we both said, "oh, I guess class is over here tonight." So we walked over and Sensei asks me if I am ready for tonight? I assume that he is talking about class and say yes. Then we go inside and another Sempai says to me "oh so your grading tonight?" WHAT! I freaked out, I said no, I did not even know all of my techniques that I am suppose to know. Anyway, Sensei just said do my best. OK just so you know when other people are grading, like all the other students there, they had at least 3 weeks notice. My first table was in front of Sensei I broke into a major sweat and fumbled some thing s up. We had four tables of black belts to impress it was scary. So to make a long story short. I did my grading for my yellow belt. I don't know if I get until next class or after that one. Please wish me luck. I really want it.

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