Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sun and Fun all weekend!

What a weekend! Sun, sun, and more sun. Today is Shane's Birthday, he is 37 now (the old fart). Just kidding.
I went shopping on Thursday for his present, and I bought him a whole bunch of things that went together. First I bought him a old fashioned charcoal BBQ. I bought him a grill butler and spices and all the tools he needed for a little set up outside. I also bought him the biggest steak and lobster for him to grill up on the barbie. Anyway, he figured out that I got him steak and lobster, because I had to put it in the freezer, and then he was all set to go and buy a charcoal grill for it. Anyways, I ended up having to give him his presents on Saturday instead of today because he was going to go buy a grill! OH well he still really liked his present. We used it all weekend.
We went for a drive to Osoyoos on Sunday, Jeesh was it busy there. Every one from out of town shopping at Home hardware. IT is the best one around I have to admit, but it was like being in a sardine can with all the people. Then we went to Dairy Queen to buy and ice cream cake! MMM it was good! The drive home was so beautiful all the green and the grapes everywhere. WE do live in a beautiful place.
On another note. I went to the store to buy a few things for supper yesterday, and on my way back my jeep died! I was just driving along and it just stopped. Luckily for me we live in a small town. The tow truck guy that lives just in the cultasack buy us was behind me so he hooked up and gave me a tow to the garage and then he took me and my groceries home. ON the way we of coarse had to pass almost every one I know (ha ha) it will give the guys at work something to bug me about. So today I will find out what happened to my jeep. We think it is just a fuel pump.
Anyway this is turning into a book, I could just keep rambling, but I do have to get ready for work.
Oh and Karate on Friday was pain full I thought I was going to throw up! But Sensei said I was close to grading so I might be a yellow belt before I know it! Hip Hip Hooray!
Bye for now.

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