Friday, July 27, 2007

Getting older

So yesterday, I thought why don't I take my daughter to the movies. That would be fun, right?
Well I learned that I am now to old and not to cool anymore. She went to the movies with me and hung out with me for a total of 2 mins. Yes just enough time for me to pay and hand her cash for the concession. She caught up with her friends there and I proceeded to my seat. She brought me a med popcorn and a small pop and left with my change and me sitting in my seat alone! Gosh when did I get old? And why did I have to? I tell you what sitting there by myself waiting for the movie to start was kinda saddening. I have had her to myself all these years and now empty handed I am. Oh well, I suppose that is the way the cookie crumbles.
Oh...the movie. We (in separate seats) seen The Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer. My rating on a scale of one to ten is a seven. The first one was better. Anyway, bye for now.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Been a long time.

Time seems to go by so quickly. It seems like I haven't been on here for a long time. So...where to start. Well a lot has been happening. Stasia got her braces taken off, and she looks even more beautiful than before ( which is amazing because she was already gorgeous). Ummm what else. We have renovated parts of our house. The bathroom is finally getting put back together. The living room is no longer mint green (thank goodness). We are finally going to organize some of this computer wiring in the kitchen so it does not look like a technical disaster. That is a good start.
Stasia and I have been training this July. It has been mostly for kumite. I tell ya what...I suck right now! Who would think something like fighting would be that hard, well it seems to be. I learned I have no coordination. Yep two left feet or is it right feet? All the same right now. I am going to have to really apply myself before next fall so maybe I will catch on to some techniques and not get my ass kicked. Anyway, I think I still have a case of writers block. So until next time...take care.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Enjoying a sunny day.

Today we went to Vaseaux Lake. I went kayaking, as you can see, and Shane and his friend went fishing. They had no luck with fish, but Shane did catch a Lilly pad, poor guy it's better then nothing though.
Staisa is camping with her grandparents this weekend, so we haven't done much. Watch a movie, had a BBQ burger, and today the lake. We were there for about three hours, so I imagine my arms will be sore tomorrow. Oh well, it's not going to hurt me...right? When we got home I cut the front lawn and weeded the front flower bed, which was long overdue for a weeding. It looks so much better. I can actually see my hostas. I planted five of them last year, but only four came back. Which is fine, because the four that did come back are bigger and very nice to look at, so I don't miss number five. Anyway, I am going to go and get some more sun so enjoy the rest of your weekend. Happy July 1st everyone and enjoy the fire works.