Sunday, July 1, 2007

Enjoying a sunny day.

Today we went to Vaseaux Lake. I went kayaking, as you can see, and Shane and his friend went fishing. They had no luck with fish, but Shane did catch a Lilly pad, poor guy it's better then nothing though.
Staisa is camping with her grandparents this weekend, so we haven't done much. Watch a movie, had a BBQ burger, and today the lake. We were there for about three hours, so I imagine my arms will be sore tomorrow. Oh well, it's not going to hurt me...right? When we got home I cut the front lawn and weeded the front flower bed, which was long overdue for a weeding. It looks so much better. I can actually see my hostas. I planted five of them last year, but only four came back. Which is fine, because the four that did come back are bigger and very nice to look at, so I don't miss number five. Anyway, I am going to go and get some more sun so enjoy the rest of your weekend. Happy July 1st everyone and enjoy the fire works.

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