Sunday, May 27, 2007

Remebering how to cope in scary situation....

OK, Friday night rolls around same old routine right? NO! Stasia and I go to karate like we were suppose to. We got there at our usual time around 5:30pm. Sensei was at the other place where we go after Stasia sempai's at the kids class and I do the other class at the same time. So we both said, "oh, I guess class is over here tonight." So we walked over and Sensei asks me if I am ready for tonight? I assume that he is talking about class and say yes. Then we go inside and another Sempai says to me "oh so your grading tonight?" WHAT! I freaked out, I said no, I did not even know all of my techniques that I am suppose to know. Anyway, Sensei just said do my best. OK just so you know when other people are grading, like all the other students there, they had at least 3 weeks notice. My first table was in front of Sensei I broke into a major sweat and fumbled some thing s up. We had four tables of black belts to impress it was scary. So to make a long story short. I did my grading for my yellow belt. I don't know if I get until next class or after that one. Please wish me luck. I really want it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sun and Fun all weekend!

What a weekend! Sun, sun, and more sun. Today is Shane's Birthday, he is 37 now (the old fart). Just kidding.
I went shopping on Thursday for his present, and I bought him a whole bunch of things that went together. First I bought him a old fashioned charcoal BBQ. I bought him a grill butler and spices and all the tools he needed for a little set up outside. I also bought him the biggest steak and lobster for him to grill up on the barbie. Anyway, he figured out that I got him steak and lobster, because I had to put it in the freezer, and then he was all set to go and buy a charcoal grill for it. Anyways, I ended up having to give him his presents on Saturday instead of today because he was going to go buy a grill! OH well he still really liked his present. We used it all weekend.
We went for a drive to Osoyoos on Sunday, Jeesh was it busy there. Every one from out of town shopping at Home hardware. IT is the best one around I have to admit, but it was like being in a sardine can with all the people. Then we went to Dairy Queen to buy and ice cream cake! MMM it was good! The drive home was so beautiful all the green and the grapes everywhere. WE do live in a beautiful place.
On another note. I went to the store to buy a few things for supper yesterday, and on my way back my jeep died! I was just driving along and it just stopped. Luckily for me we live in a small town. The tow truck guy that lives just in the cultasack buy us was behind me so he hooked up and gave me a tow to the garage and then he took me and my groceries home. ON the way we of coarse had to pass almost every one I know (ha ha) it will give the guys at work something to bug me about. So today I will find out what happened to my jeep. We think it is just a fuel pump.
Anyway this is turning into a book, I could just keep rambling, but I do have to get ready for work.
Oh and Karate on Friday was pain full I thought I was going to throw up! But Sensei said I was close to grading so I might be a yellow belt before I know it! Hip Hip Hooray!
Bye for now.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Morning

Good morning to everyone. I hope all the mom's out there had a wonderful mothers day!
My day was good. Stasia made me a card and a wreath at school, as well she bought me a heart shaped container that has seed packets of chocolate hearts. She is such a good girl, I am such a lucky mom. She also baked me a cake from scratch. It turned out beautifully. And it was yummy. I couldn't ask for a better kid than mine!
Have a good day.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Well if you don't know, I am from Nanaimo BC. I was born there and grew up there. It wasn't until I was twenty years old that I moved to the Okanagan. Anyway, I still have family there and a friend who I consider my family. She is having a baby in June. She has three boys already and I have only ever gotten to know Her first born (Aden). What was sad, was when I moved Aden knew me so well and I loved him so much, and now he does not know me very well at all. I missed out on his life and as well, my friend missed out on my daughters life. Which really sucks!
So the good news. Stasia and I are going to Nanaimo in August. I will finally get to meet them, and a bonus I will get to hold her new babe! I am so excited. I figure it will be a long enough time if we go in August for her to adapt to a new baby at home. I will be going in the second week of August. I can't wait.
I will be able to see my Grandma too! I miss my grandma so much. She is a wonderful lady, and I haven't gotten to see her in so long. She is getting older so she does not travel any more. I think it has been over three years since I have seen her.
As well, the other exciting thing. I am going to take Stasia to playland! She has never been, and I can't remember when I last went. OH the rides....we will have so much fun.
Anyway, I do have to go to work.
Have a great day every one!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Stasia's party was great! All of her friends had fun. They stayed up untill the wee hours of the night, 4:00am I think. They piged out on junk and giggled like crazy. Another year down.