Monday, January 22, 2007


I don't really have anything to blog about, but I thought I would just write a little.
Nothing really new in my world. Same old go to work and come home.
My daughter has learned in school about slaughter houses and the treatment of animals in them. So she has decided that she wants to be vegetarian, so I am going to try and change our eating habits together. The last few days has been fun. She is so funny....she is coming to the realization of how much animal products are a part of everyday meals. She does not like that she has to eat so much veggies, but has stuck to being vegetarian. The only thing that poses a problem is dairy, she loves cheese, milk ice cream etc... So far so good though. I am proud of her. I told her should could be lacto-ovo and she seems to think that is good for now. Maybe being vegan will come. I have checked a few vegetarian cookbooks out from the library, so over the next few days we are going to experimenting. Fun!
PS. I have decided that a blog is more fun with pics so I am going to buy a camera, I have decided on the Canon Rebel.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Ok I know the picture is late, but here it is. These are my herbs I am going to harvest.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Spring is around the corner

I am anticipating Spring so much now. The snow is melting here, although it is still really cold.
I have decided that I am going to buy my greenhouse and start growing herbs. I already bought my seed packets. I can't wait to putter in my greenhouse and watch my little herbs grow(ah just the thought of that is relaxing). Anyway I suppose it will be some time still for that, but right now I am going to start them inside. Today I will go and buy some soil and trays.
Oh and another sign spring is around the corner, my daughter found believe it or not two pretty orange flowers in our front yard!
How they managed in the cold I do not know. She brought them in and brightened up her room with them.
Well the day is calling me to be motivated, so off I go.
Enjoy your day every one.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Feeling a little better

Jeesh for two days now I have been feeling a little under the weather, but finally it seems to be subsiding. (Thank goodness)
I am so excited...I got a new phone today. I know that that sounds trivial, but I love technology. It's a razor, and it's pink too. Anyway, I am really suprised at the pics it takes they are actually very nice. I can't wait to read the manual and see what else I can do with it. Anyway, that was my excitment for the day.
OH and is it cold here brr....I don't much like the cold!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter and her dog.

A long day.

Today I had to take my daughter to the hospital. She fell from the monkey bars at school and hit her head. I usally don't take a fall that seriously, but it being her head I didn't want to take any chances. It's a good thing, because the doctor said that she hit her head were there is a major artery and it would not have immediate effects if she did damage to it. Anyway after the doctor checked her we went home and followed his orders to just keep checking her every hour and make sure she is ok. The good news is she seems absoulutly fine. It makes for a long day to worry about someone you love.