Monday, June 11, 2007

Maddan Lake

Stasia and I went to Maddan Lake fishing on Sunday, and this little guy came swimming buy. I have never seen a Blue Billed Duck before so I had to have a picture of him. He is so neat.

Oh, and we fished for hours and not even a bite. We had fun though, and there was so much wilderness to absorb. It was a very nice day.

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Krista said...

What a bizarre sight that duck's beak is! A first for me, too. I am so glad you've been posting more regular, I so enjoy when I see you've put up something new.

I'm off to pick up Kale, been out all morning, more last odds and ends, you know? Then I'll come back and see if I can find time to turn on MSN, I so would really love to just sit and chat. We'll see what the boys have on the adgenda for me and then I'll know if I can do it.

Yikes these contractions are painful today and my back is killing me! Talk to you soon Kim,