Monday, June 4, 2007

A nice weekend

Wow, I had such a good weekend. First on Friday night I got my yellow belt, which I know already said that, but it is still exciting. Then Shane and Stasia went shopping for my birthday on Sunday in Penticton. They came home and they said they had no where to hide it, but I think they just wanted to give it to me because they knew I would love it. A Kayak! YES! I went to Vaseux Lake and off on the lake I went. It was wonderful. It is a bird sanctuary, so the birds were everywhere. No motor boats aloud. I absolutely enjoyed the quiet. I can't wait to go again. And I also just got a message from an old friend. Someone I used to go to school with. It was nice to hear from her.
Anyway off to work I go.
Have a great day everybody.

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