Sunday, June 24, 2007


Funny Dog! I was playing with my new camera again, just to see what it can do. You know, different settings and what not. I put it on the fast shutter setting and got my dogie burning up some turf and this shot was one of many action shots of her. I posted this one, because I find it hilarious. Every time I look at it I lol.
Anyway, the rest of my weekend has been nice. Stasia is at Karate camp, working her butt off I am sure haha. So I had lots of time to myself and to spend it with my hunny. I started fixing up this corner of my back yard into a bird area. I love birds they are so funny to watch. Oh...I will have to take a pic of my little area for all to see, because it looks neat. It's like a bird community all little houses and feeders..its so cute. Ok anyway, I did that and my hunny put up his weather station ( Finally!) Its pretty neat. It has all the functions like wind pressure air pressure and temperature, blah blah it's pretty high tech for a home one. We ate take out ALL weekend (Stasia is going to be mad) So I did not have to cook. Oh but I did clean the house so I did some work that was not so fun. We watched movies, I even got Shane to watch a move that does not have to give warnings of language and violence etc before it starts. We watched Night at the museum. I liked it. I even think he did. Now today it Sunday and I am obviously sitting at the comp right now, but I am enjoying drinking coffee. Yummy there's nothing like a cup of java in the morning to get me started. Actually if I don't drink it I am a bear in the morning! Really.
I have to pick Stasia up at 2:30pm today (she will be exhausted) so I have a few more hours before I have to leave at 12:00pm to relax and take in more alone time ahhh. Such a wonderful thing. When you never have alone time it sure makes you appreciate it. Anyway have a great day to all.
Oh and one more thing Hillary hurry up and yourself into this world would you!

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Krista said...

Aw Kim I love you. Your posts are so sweet and cozy and you seem so content. I'd love to see your bird corner, better yet, I'd love to sit in it and watch the birdies, and your hilarious pooch.

Can't wait to see you in August.