Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just going in circles

Well it's been a while again since my last post. I don't know why that happens, but sometimes I just don't have anything at all to talk about on here. Anyway, It seems life is just swirling around me. Same routine; get up get Stasia ready for school, go to work, come home and clean, do laundry, make dinner (three different kinds) I say this because everyone in my house eats at different times including the dog! Also everyone eats something different. Anyway, after that I have been going for a run or a walk and then it's close to seven o'clock. There's a whole bunch more to do and I cram it all in there before I go to bed at eleven.
I have been wanting to use my kayak, but ever since I have gotten it the weather has been yucky. (Go figure) So here I am posting about nothing in particular. This weekend Stasia is off to karate camp. She absolutely loves going. Sensei is always laughing at her because she is always the first to ask "When is camp this year" almost right after we start again in September. It's funny though they work her but off and yet she still wants to go. Try working her at home, jeesh there's a headache waiting to happen. So hopefully this weekend is nice for the kids at camp and me going kayaking. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
I am counting down the days until I get to go to the island (home). I can almost smell the sea air! I am so excited to see my friends and my Grandma. Oh and playland is going to be fun too! Anyway for nothing to post this is just getting longer. So off to work I go. Take care and thanks for letting me ramble.

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