Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finding me - 3

Were do I start? I feel kind of lost today. Not completely and not for any particular reason. I will try and explain. I have been working on my inner self and my outer self for just over three weeks now. I know that this is not a long time and the journey will be continues, but I feel a yearning to know more ( about NVC ), to feel more, to understand more about my feelings and why I chose to live my life the way I have up until this point. I was watching a video on do with roll playing and to my dislike, it made me cry, it made me feel uncomfortable because it made me feel. Why? I have learned along my path of life to block my feelings, and when the uncertainty of my feelings do arise it makes me uncomfortable, ashamed, and scared. Even typing that right now, I have to stop and practice breathing deeply.
I can say on the other hand though, that by starting to learn more about NVC and my feelings is very exciting at the same time. I am sure I am not alone with the way I feel, and I want my life to have more meaning. I am tired of the emptiness that resides deep down in my pit. It's time to face those uncomfortable feelings, understand me and what makes me tick. I know I am on the right path, and for the first time in my life I feel like it will all make sense. I am a good person. I am worthy of all that my heart desires.


Krista said...

Woohoo, Kim! I can't tell you how overjoyed I'm feeling hearing your enthusiasm, for learning about and accepting yourself for opening yourself up to your feelings even if you feel so uncomfortable and vulnerable. It's so difficult, as I like to say, to expose our tender underbellies! After SO many years of SO many ups and downs, I do believe you are on the path. I believe we both are. Actually, I suspect we've always been on the path, it's just that all the journey before now was rough and maybe not so easy, but was setting us up to be where we are now, and ten years from now, and twenty.... And it's a pretty wonderful place to be.

I'm so willing to be an ear and a support, you know that. Did you think further about putting that notice up at the library to find some like-minded people (wanting to explore NVC)? Have you had anymore contact with Rochelle? Do you have a copy of the main NVC book yet? I am guessing you've gone to the NVC Academy site, it's so full of material and resources, I love it. Although not as thorough, you can keep an eye on my other site I just started:
I'll be posting little gems of inspiration and NVC material that I find particularly helpful every once in a while.
I'm so glad you called the other day, it was so great to catch up, and I so enjoyed being an ear for you and being able to share what's going on for me, too!
Love ya, take good care and keep on truckin'.

Krista said...

let me fix that link:

nvc library

Krista said...

Oh! It still didn't work. You can go to my blog and look in the sidebar for NVC Books and Resource page.