Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yard work

Firstly I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. We did. Stasia hunted for eggies and the bunny pulled through for her again this year. Spoiled as usual.
So my post title is yard work. Well, Stasia and I did so much work this weekend. We took two loads to the dump and we raked and swept and cleaned and we fertilized the lawn, there was no stopping us. The yard looked so beautiful when we were done. I even put a fresh table cloth on the outside table and put flowers in a pot on top. What a job. The next day, it was so windy here that all our work disappeared! Tree branches and tumbleweeds and leaves all over the lawn. the table cloth was dirty the pot blew off...it was horrible even my Christmas lights came unattached from the house. Now we have another weekend of cleaning the yard! Oh well, that's how it goes.
We will not be doing any work in the yard this weekend though. Finally the provincials are here. Stasia and I are getting onto the greyhound on Friday and won't be home until Sunday.
Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend.
Take care.

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