Thursday, March 29, 2007


Has your child had the chicken pocks? Well, Stasia has never. We went to the health clinic the other day, because she missed her Hep B shot at school before spring break. When we were there they told us she qualifies for the chicken pock vaccine. Well for some reason I was sceptical of it because it is fairly new. Anyway after talking to the nurse we decided to get her immunized for it. Did you know that if she contracted the chicken pock virus when she is an adult and happens to be pregnant, the baby would most likely not survive and if there was a minimal chance of survival it would be completely deformed. I was shocked! So I felt like I was not only protecting my daughter, I was protecting my unborn grandchildren. I could not believe that from chicken pocks, such a terrible thing could happen. So if your older child has not had the chicken pocks, I would think about getting some more information on what can happen if they get them when they are older, and maybe you might end up at the heath clinic too.

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K said...

Ah!! You've been attacked by the chicken pox MAFFIA! LOL. I found the public health to be a little bit over the top with the hype about this bug.
When the boys got them last year (remember??) I remember going to the clinic a while later to get Sam's other immunizations and when the nurse found out chicken poxs just went through our house she said "oh, that's good because otherwise they would ALL be getting shots today" (meaning she was just going to give them all shots whether I was consenting or not). She was very pushy about it.
After some research I found that the best thing to do is to expose your kids to the natural virus (visit friends with them) as young as you're willing because then they've gotten them over with for sure. The shot is not 100% real chicken pox and they can still get them later.
Yes, the risks to pregnant women that haven't had them exist, it is indeed dangerous to the unborn, so it's better to know you really had them early in life. Apparently the shot is not fool-proof.
Anyway, great to see you posting here Kim!! I've missed you so it's good to see you're around :)
Not sure if you've been by my blog, but things are not very great at the moment, so I haven't been able to sit at the computer for too long. I'm having some major pains in some unmentionable areas... waiting for things to improve!
Hope to talk to you soon :)