Friday, September 12, 2008


Friday...Finlay. It seems like such a long time since on here last...funny how that happens.
Tomorrow is going to be such a busy day. I am going back to Oliver for the night. My house is for sale and my ex has moved out and it seems all of my stuff is in a pile :(
I have to go back and pack. It will be weird to sleep at the house, not really sure how I feel about it.. scared, happy, sad, nervous,angry,and exhausted. I think I am still not at peace with the past. I have been able to place it in the back of my mind, and pick at the feelings one at a time to sort. I just haven't worked through them all. I feel that it is mostly anger now. I wish that I could let all of my feelings out on here, but I feel like I would be exposing myself.

"We should learn not to grow impatient with the slow healing process
of time. We should discipline ourselves to recognize that there are many steps
to be taken along the highway leading from sorrow to renewed serenity... We
should anticipate these stages in our emotional convalescence : unbearable pain,
poignant grief, empty days, resistance to consolation, disinterestedness in life,
gradually giving the new weaving of a pattern of action and acceptance
of the irresistible challenge of life."

I am glad for what I have and the people in my life and the love they share with me.
Happiness is what you make of it...and I have total control of my own happiness.

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The Seitz Family said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through all you went through. You are such a beautiful person and mom and I'm just so proud of the strength you have. You put yourself and your daughter first and found the happiness you deserve. It's too bad that "pooper nuggets" feel the need to inflict misery on others for the mere satisfaction that everyone must be made to feel as miserable as they. I am so glad you are taking the high road and finding your truth and love and great things will come of it.
Keep rockin and rollin!!!