Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trying to do the things I like......

Well, I am going to try and keep this blog up again......I really did like to write. Things are just so different that I can not seem to focus though, but I am going to give this a good try anyway.
One thing I am going to share is I went fly fishing the other day...oooo how I wish my camera was remembered. I really dislike it when I forget it. Anyway, fly fishing is sooo fun! I will defiantly become a full time angler this year. I can't wait to get a big fish too :) !!
I know this is short but at least I am trying...right?
If you are reading this my dear friend...I miss you and all the little ones....I hope to see you soon.....and about our talk all is the same.......
Be back soon!

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