Sunday, September 9, 2007

A good weekend

This was dinner tonight. Both of these dishes turned out wonderful and very yummy.
Anyway, this weekend was good. Saturday was the usual, did nothing. Sunday Stasia and I went for a bike ride. Yup, I bought a bike. It was just a cheep one from Zellers, but it will do me just fine. I have not rode a bike in years. I forgot how fun it is to just zoom around and see lots of things and let the wind blow in your face. It was great. Although my butt does hurt...have to buy a gel seat. Stasia and I went down to Bean and Gone our local coffee drive through and we just parked our bikes and walked up to the window and placed our order. We sat for a bit and enjoyed a sinfully tasting drink and then we were off. We rode around town and down by the channel. It was great. On the way home we had to go up hill, and yes my legs were like jelly when we got home. OH well, no pain no gain...right? So anyways, I had a little exercise and tried two new recipes and now I am sitting and enjoying a cup of Organic fare trade green tea! Couldn't ask for a better day. ttyl

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