Tuesday, February 27, 2007


OK, so I have this friend. For one she lives way to far away from me, and two she is the best sewer I know. I think she is just amazing. Over the years I have seen her projects and wish I had the ability to sew half as good as her.
I have a really good machine, but it just sits and collects dust. I have to admit I am to intimidated to even buy a pattern. Maybe one day she will be able to teach me. That would be so wonderful. So for now I will just have to admire her work.

On to something different. Stasia has to start the adult class for Karate, and be a sampai for the kids class. She is so excited. Anyway, I figured since I have to be in late now anyway, I am going to join! I am a little scared, but excited too! We start on Friday.

Have a good day.

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